Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Introduction To The Radical Watchman

The ancient watchman in the Old Testament were tasked with the duty of perching themselves on the city walls or watch towers while scanning the immediate horizon for any danger. Any suspicious persons or signs were met with the sounding of the alert. Old Testament prophets were sometimes referred to as watchmen for God. It was their duty to hearld both bad and good news to the nation of Israel. In keeping with this background, I am launching this blog site with the view of commenting on dangerous cultural and societal trends, and fads that are antithetical to the cause of Christ and the truth of God's infallible word!

As a missionary pastor I've learned that biblical discernment is a must in the 21st century. Yet, this attribute is conspicuous by its absence in the Church at large. Therefore, I am throwing my voice out, through this medium, to hopefully encourage some and win others for the sake of Christ! To that end this blog is not meant to politically correct nor is it intended to be popular. As the old saying goes "Truth is usually in the minority"!

Indeed, truth is outraged by silence. The Radical Watchman is intended to crack the airwaves of silence that seem to paralyise the Church at large and seeks to say what few are saying today. As Isaiah, a watchman of old, once said, "On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen; All day and all night they will never keep silent."(Isaiah 62:6)!

Thus, the goal of this blog is to blow the trumpet of God to His tune though few may listen (Jeremiah 6:17). This in itself is radical. In this may some be encouraged, others warned, and God be glorified!

Yours For The Master's Use
Pastor Mark


Tom Brown in Egypt said...

Welcome to the blog world. We appreciate your voice out there that sounds a clear note consistent with the truth of the gospel. Lou Ann

Pete Hussey said...

Thank you for your courage in entering the battle for a Godly world through your blog. May God bless you with wisdom and clear communication skills. Thank you for your attempts to help guide us in God's Heritage through the dangerous and treacherous waters of today's "politically correct" culture